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Shoulder / Arm Workout to Get Bigger - FTM Fitness

This workout is a mass builder. For my second 12 week bulk of 2018, I used this workout to help increase the width and size of my shoulders along with strengthening my arms. This workout puts emphasis on the triceps to put real size on your arms. It hits the biceps but the focus is not definition but overall mass building. This workout is best done twice a week as part of a 2 body part split.

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Arm Workout for Size, Strength, and Definition

I have found that this workout provides a great pump. I like to use it as either the first workout of the week or the last. It's nice as a warm up to the week or if you are feeling a little sore, it's a nice one to use before your rest day.

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Training Plan - Arm Workout for Mass

This bicep and tricep workout is what I am currently using in my routine to gain mass and put on size. This workout is for intermediate to advanced lifters. This routine starts with heavy compound movements and then moves to lighter weight pump sets to get the muscles into hypertrophy and force them to grow. The pump from this workout is insane! Your forearms will feel massive and your biceps will be full.

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