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German Chocolate Cake Oats

Some mornings I wake up really hungry. It's usually after a long training session the day prior and my body wants more and more food to recover. On those mornings, I take my oatmeal and go overboard with it. To add calories and nutrients, I add in items I normally wouldn't. These add ins are still very healthy and good for you, but they tend to be higher in calories and fats than I usually eat. The morning I made these, I spotted a bag on unsweetened coconut flakes and thought... aw yeah, German Chocolate Cake!

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Monster Stack - Loaded Pancakes

When you get home from a long and successful workout, you need to refuel big time. For days when you lift super heavy or grind out extra miles doing cardio, this stack is your recipe for a strong and effective recovery. This recipe combines flavors of chocolate, peanut butter, jelly, and creamy banana for a sweet sweet way to recharge.

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