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2 Months On Testosterone - HRT Update

Here I am... 2 months on testosterone. I'm not sure if I expected to be more excited, if I should be more excited, or if I'm exactly how I should be. Everything seems right in so many ways with my life right now and also things all seem so foreign and off. No matter how much I tried to button up everything before starting my transition, life throws it's mighty punches. That's the lesson it seems... to just ride the waves because they never stop coming.

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Drinking After Sobriety

After ruminating on the decision I knew that I didn't want to drink to alter my state, escape, numb out, or run. I wanted to be able to drink occasionally, end of story. It was the lack of excitement about it that was promising to me. I wasn't itching for a swig. I knew that if I tried it again and it didn't go well, that I could always go back to sobriety. That method would always be there for me as a tool. 

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