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How to Build Muscle with Limited Gym Equipment

This post is about bodybuilding with limited equipment and building muscle as fast as possible. The quickest path to big gains is with weights, it’s been proven over and over. The substitutions below will help you implement creative ways to get around lifting equipment barriers.

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Warning Signs That You May Need a New Therapist

This video is all about the warning signs of when you may need a new therapist or a break from therapy. This topic is very important to me. I never really saw a list of these warning signs and didn't know going into therapy how to spot a professional working relationship that is losing it's benefits. I hope this video can help others in their future therapy efforts!

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Q&A on Being Transgender

A Q&A I did for two students in Germany working on a research project involving transgenderism. If you'd like to help them on their project, info on how to get involved is included in the post. 

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